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Class Trading

European used clothing wholesaler

Explore High-Quality Wholesale European sorted bales or unsorted used clothing, shoes, rags and toys

European raw materials

Fast and seamless delivery

Strict quality control




Tons production






Our 17 employees sort more than 2000 tons per year.

Why clients work with us

At the intersection of european raw materials, stringent rapid delivery, and quality control, our operations thrive, ensuring exceptional standards in every aspect.

European raw materials

Class Trading maintains rigorous standards when sourcing raw materials, which are acquired from select top-tier European nations.

Factory in Brussels

Class Trading is proud to operate a state-of-the-art factory situated in the city of Brussels, a location that facilitates optimal operations due to its central positioning and abundance of transportation options.

Strict quality control

With a foundation of stringent quality control protocols and well-established production procedures, we guarantee the utmost quality and uniformity in all our pre-owned items.

Our workflow

This process ensures that used clothing is efficiently recycled, sorted, packaged, and transported, contributing to sustainable practices and meeting the needs of diverse markets.

Wholesale used clohting sorting & collecting

1. Collecting & inspecting

The process begins with the collection of used clothing items from various sources. These items are then brought to our recycling facility for inspection.

Baling used clothing

4. Baling

Once weighed and sorted, the clothing is compacted into bales. This step involves using specialized machinery to compress the clothing items into manageable and transportable packages.

Hand picked sorting

2. Handpicked sorting

At the recycling facility, the collected clothing undergoes a meticulous sorting process. Skilled workers categorize the items based on their type, material, and condition.

Loading bales in container

5. Loading

The bales of recycled clothing are then loaded onto transport vehicles, such as trucks or containers, for shipping to various destinations around the world. 

Weigh used clothing

3. Weighing

Following sorting, meticulous weighing with regularly calibrated scales ensures precise packing within the required weight range for your orders.

Shipping bales

6. Shipping

With the assistance of our trusted shipping partners, we ensure a seamless and reliable delivery to your chosen destinations.

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