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Class Trading

Import & export of second hand clothes

Company profile

Our products

A-grade second hand clothes

Our A-grade second hand clothes are clothes that are in excellent condition for re-selling. No defects are visible. We have subcategories within, for example: men clothes, women clothes, children clothes, summer clothes and winter clothes. All kind of purchase is possible that meets your need.

B-grade second hand clothes

Our B-grade second hand clothes are clothes with minor defects in good condition for re-selling. No defects are visible. We also have subcategories within this grade.


Clothes that don't meet our quality standards are sold as rags that can be cut into a raw material for re-use, for example as a filling for furniture.

Second hand Toys

Toys in excellent condition are prepared into clear bags for re-sale.

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Our products

Company Profile

The central location of Belgium and the very highly developed transport network, comprising roads, waterways, railways and airports gives us the great advantage to ship easily to any port in the world.


Our production capacity rises every year. Our 22 employees sort approximately 3250 tons per year.

Production quantity
+3000 tons/year
Quality and Trust
Second hand but first class

Since 2006 we have delivered quality and have gained trust from our customers in Cameroon, Congo, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Algeria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Gambia

3. Collecting


Our partners collect the clothes in their warehouse and prepare them for

2. Dumping


After using the clothes, the consumer decides to dump the unwanted clothes in the recycling bins.

1. Consuming


The consumer buys his clothes at his favorite shop.

6. Re-selling


We sell the sorted clothes to our customers to be re-sold to the consumer.

5. Sorting


We sort the clothes into different categories and qualities. A-grade, B-grade and rags.

4. Re-selling


We buy the unsorted clothes in from our partners.

How it works

Class Trading



Avenue Jean Volders 49

1060 Brussels, Belgium


Rue de Goujons 158

1070 Brussels, Belgium

Tel:  +32 23 77 76 83

Gsm: +32 473 65 23 92


For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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About us
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About us

Class Trading is a second hand clothing importer and exporter based in Brussels, the capital of Europe. The company is established in 2006 and has become a major player in Belgium’s second-hand clothing export market. We are well known for our high quality products originating from the Europe.


At Class Trading, quality is a key word, therefore we choose to work with European suppliers who offer one of the best quality of second hand clothes in the world. Our current recycle quantity is close to 325 tons per year. We recycle our products into A-grade, B-grade products and rags.  In the last ten years we have managed to build up a satisfied customer base mostly in Africa and the Middle-East.

Our goal is to have a positive environmental footprint on our planet for the future generations. The production of new clothes has a negative impact on the environment due to colouring of the clothes. We sort high quality second hand clothes for re-use. By doing this we can do our part in saving the planet by minimising the production of new clothes and minimising waste. Clothing that is not suitable for re-use is cut into raw material for re-use in furniture for example.

We help charities in sustaining their cash flow, we help our planet by reducing waste and we help humanity by minimising the production and harvest of raw materials for new clothes.

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